ASP | Fusion


Airweight and Steel Fusion T Batons combine a 40 cm Talon Baton with a Nexus Clip and Tactical USB high intensity rechargeable flashlight. A USB to micro USB retractable cord is included.

Fusion T Batons are released with a manual press of the lens end cap. Fusion Batons may be worn on the belt, waistband or in a pocket. They allow rapid presentation of the baton by grasping the middle of the handle and lifting upward.

The Tactical USB light of the Fusion incorporates an integral Lithium polymer battery and Cree XPG2 LED. The light is rechargeable with any micro USB phone charger, the included retractable cord and a computer, or an ASP Wall Charger or Car Charger. The light has an intermittent or constant-on switch with a pulsing red or solid green charge indicator. The Tactical USB produces a blinding 95 lumens with a 45 minute run time.

Fusion Batons are the most versatile designs in the ASP collection of impact weapons. They are unmatched in strength, function and quality.

We recommend adding our specially-formulated Glide Baton and Cuff Lubricant to your order, to keep your gear in peak operating condition.